Increasing Access to Public Space

Strong communities start at home but come to life in the public square. By investing in public space, we create opportunities for residents to connect in unique ways that improve their health, enhance their wellness and strengthen their sense of community.

We are proud to support programs and partnerships that share our goal to provide universal access to safe public spaces within a half mile of every Detroit residence.

Building Inclusive Events and Experiences in Public Space

The Gilbert Family Foundation believes that public spaces should serve the public good. That means thinking critically and intentionally about how to design, program and promote events and experiences so they are accessible and inclusive to all. This foundational philosophy has led to wide-ranging partnerships and investments that bring diverse groups together to enjoy shared […]
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Creating Vibrant Neighborhood Parks

Safe and accessible parks play an essential role in contributing to the social, economic and physical health of the Detroit community. That is why the Gilbert Family Foundation’s Public Spaces team invests heavily in creating vibrant parks and community spaces throughout all of Detroit’s neighborhoods. In collaboration with other funders, key neighborhood organizations and the […]
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Strengthening Grassroots Community Organizations

The Gilbert Family Foundation is proud to support a wide range of organizations that share our mission to build opportunity and equity for Detroit residents. We especially recognize that grassroots organizations with longstanding ties to Detroit neighborhoods are uniquely positioned to understand and address the needs of their community. That is why we consciously invest […]
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