Brain Tumor Research

The Brain Tumor Initiative (BTI) focuses on identifying and developing therapeutic strategies to treat NF1-associated gliomas at risk of developing into higher grade tumors.

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Brain Tumor Initiative

Gliomas are the most common primary central nervous system tumors in NF1 patients, usually involving optic pathways in children. BTI is focused on the non-optic pathway gliomas.

While most of NF1 gliomas are pilocytic astrocytomas, NF1 patients may also develop higher grade tumors, WHO-Grade II-IV, that harbor additional gene mutations. In each case, it is often unknown whether the NF1 high-grade glioma is sporadic or transformed from a previously existing low-grade glioma.

BTI is conducting clinical studies to provide critical characterization of NF1 high grade glioma and identify the most promising treatments for patients available today. BTI also invests in preclinical research tools to help drug discovery and development. The data and insight generated from these clinical studies and preclinical models will inform the development of new, more effective targeted therapies in the future.

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