FAQ: Detroit Home Repair Fund

How do I apply to receive services from the Detroit Home Repair Fund?

Detroit homeowners were able to apply for the program by calling the DHRF Hotline to add their name to the waitlist. In October 2023 the Detroit Home Repair Fund closed its waitlist having received an overwhelming number of interested residents – approximately 14,000.  For this reason, the Detroit Home Repair Fund does not anticipate accepting additional residents for its waitlist.

Residents in need of home repair assistance may qualify for other housing-related support services and we encourage you to seek out alternative resources. The City of Detroit’s 0% Interest Home Repair Loan Program may be able to address other home repair needs. More information can be found here: www.detroithomeloans.org. Additionally, residents with a non-working furnace, hot water heater and/or refrigerator who are serviced by DTE can call (866) 796-0512. For assistance with other housing needs, call the City of Detroit’s Housing Resource HelpLine at (866) 313-2520 or 211.

For residents currently on the hotline waitlist, what are the eligibility requirements for the Detroit Home Repair Fund?

To be eligible for DHRF you must:

  • Complete your current year HOPE application
  • Have active gas and electric utilities
  • Be a homeowner occupying their property
  • Be a resident of Detroit
  • Meet income qualification guidelines, which are 200% of the Federal Poverty line as defined by the graph below.
Household size 200% of Federal Poverty Line
1 person $29,160
2 persons $39,440
3 persons $49,720
4 persons $60,000
5 persons $70,280
6 persons $80,560
7 persons $90,840
8 persons $101,120

I submitted my HOPE application, called the hotline to be added to the waitlist, and meet all the program requirements. What comes next?

If you have taken all the required steps and meet the program eligibility requirements, a DHRF Community Partner will reach out with an update on next steps. Due to an overwhelming interest in the program we are unable to provide an exact date as to when you will hear from DHRF Community Partners. Please know, DHRF Community Partners are working as quickly as possible to service households on the Hotline waitlist.

If a resident’s HOPE approval has rolled over due to age/disability, do they have to take any additional action?

If residents are on the carry forward list, or have already applied to HOPE in the previous year, they do not need to re-apply to HOPE to meet the DHRF requirements.

Will I be notified if I am approved or denied?

At this time, DHRF will not be sending approval or denial letters to residents on the Hotline waitlist. DHRF Community Partners will reach out to residents on the Hotline waitlist as they are able to take on additional repair clients. We are unable to say when you will hear from a DHRF Community Partner, as there has been overwhelming interest in the program. DHRF Community Partners are working as quickly as they can to service more households.

What if I have an emergency repair?

DHRF is not an emergency home repair program. If you have emergency repairs, please seek other options.

What will this program actually repair? My roof? Porch? Etc.

The program could fund a variety of home repair needs, including roofs, porches and interior repairs that prioritize health and safety. Once a DHRF Community Partner contacts you an assessment will be done to determine the most critical needs within and outside the home.  Please note, the program will not fund cosmetic repairs or upgrades to outdated, but functional kitchens or bathrooms.

Do you need to have homeowners’ insurance to qualify for the DHRF?

No, homeowners insurance is not required to qualify for the DHRF program.

When will repairs begin?

DHRF Community Partners began repairs in late 2022. Since every home and every repair is unique, we are unable to provide a timeframe for the completion of individual repairs to homes.