Home is the foundation for success, but our neighborhoods are where we build connections with one another, strengthening the bonds between people, culture, and place. Through the revitalization of our neighborhoods, we’re creating more resilient communities. And that’s why the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund is so important. Together with Strategic Community Partners, last year we launched the inaugural cohort of the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund, a $500,000 investment in 20 neighborhood-centered nonprofit organizations in Detroit.

The aim of the program is to amplify the work of these neighborhood nonprofit organizations through financial support, free educational resources, networking opportunities and the ability to connect with and learn from their peers in the cohort.

To that end, Strategic Community Partners and the Gilbert Family Foundation recently hosted our first Thriving Neighborhoods Fund quarterly convening, where representatives from each participating nonprofit had the chance to meet in person to share best practices and collaborate. “What I’m getting is a lot of resources and connections to a lot of people who are doing different things across the city,” said Jay Meeks, Board Member of the Marygrove Community Association, one of the 20 participating nonprofits. “There’s an opportunity to hear about new ideas that might inform the work that I’m doing.” Indeed, as both Dr. Chanel Hampton, CEO and Founder of Strategic Community Partners and Jasmin DeForrest, Director of Arts and Culture emphasized, the workshops are a place to facilitate the conversations between the nonprofits, encouraging collaboration and idea sharing, while supplying them with the resources and support they need to build capacity.

Ultimately, by empowering these community-based organizations to take the lead in creating positive change, the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund will help build stronger, more vibrant communities for Detroit residents.

Check out the video of the inaugural event to learn more.