In 2020, the Rocket Community Fund funded the Digital Access for the Arts Program (DAAP) with CultureSource, a multi-faceted program to support arts and cultural organizations as they learned to navigate a hybrid environment during the pandemic. This support comprised a comprehensive workshop series, capacity-building for infrastructure, and funding member organizations. At the time, Jasmin DeForrest said the purpose of the program was to “assist arts and cultural organizations with creating accessible programming that attracts diverse audiences.” DeForrest and Program Manager Leah Counts advocated for a layered program that included educational resources so arts and cultural organizations would have holistic, wraparound support. In this way, they would be able to better serve their communities and ensure they could continue operating during the pandemic. 

In 2021, the Rocket Community Fund released an impact report showcasing the success of DAAP in its first year. The Gilbert Family Foundation has since taken over funding for the program, as creating shared cultural experiences for Detroiters through arts and culture aligns with our dedication to building more resilient and connected communities.

Recently, CultureSource commissioned a deeper impact report with 8 Bridges following the 2022 cohort, including extensive interviews with each organization. The participating nonprofits described their biggest operational and engagement challenges and how DAAP supported them with the resources, training and tools needed in order to thrive. Click the tile below to view the full report.