In Detroit, we are proud to support programs and partnerships that empower the dynamic entrepreneurs and innovators who make our city unique. Detroit entrepreneurs are known for their hustle, grit and determination, and we wanted to celebrate their amazing achievements.

That’s why we invested in The Hustle: Celebrating Detroit’s Unsung Entrepreneurs – part program, part exhibit – which was created by the Detroit Historical Society to celebrate, educate and raise awareness around the achievements of Detroit’s Black entrepreneurs of today. We previously covered the The Hustle in detail in this post, which also illustrates the impact the program has had on the entrepreneurs featured.

In this video, we visited The Hustle to explore the exhibit and learn about the 36 inspiring entrepreneurs featured. While there, we talked to Tyrell Slappey and Terrance Crowell, two co-founders of Round 1 Gaming Lab, about their entrepreneurial journey. We also had the chance to speak to Rebecca Salminen-Witt, Chief Development and Communications Officer at the Detroit Historical Society, who explained why The Hustle serves as a unique platform for recording the living history and stories of underrepresented entrepreneurs.


The Hustle: Celebrating Detroit’s Unsing Entrepreneurs exhibit closes April 7th, but a fully virtual version will be coming soon to the Detroit Historical Society’s website, as well as the Untold Detroit: Hustle Podcast.