Twenty nonprofit organizations will receive a grant of $25,000 each.

       Each partner will receive intentionally curated educational resources to scale and deepen their work in Detroit.

DETROIT – The Gilbert Family Foundation and Strategic Community Partners announced today the inaugural cohort of the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund, a $500,000 investment in neighborhood-centered nonprofit organizations in Detroit.

Developed by the Gilbert Family Foundation and Strategic Community Partners, the goal of this initiative is to amplify the work of nonprofits that play a critical role in leading neighborhood stabilization through public space activation and strengthening our social infrastructure.  In addition to financial support, grantees will receive free educational resources, as well as the opportunity to participate in a cohort to learn from their peers operating in neighborhoods across the city of Detroit.

“At the Gilbert Family Foundation, we believe in the power of safe and inclusive public spaces,” said Jennifer Gilbert, co-founder of the Gilbert Family Foundation. “We developed the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund to support nonprofit organizations who are in and of the communities we seek to serve. These organizations have built a deep trust and empathy within their community, and they are best equipped to meet the complex needs of their neighbors.” 

The Thriving Neighborhoods Fund is a part of the Gilbert Family Foundation and Rocket Community Fund’s $500 million, 10-year commitment to support equitable opportunity for all Detroit residents. GFF is committed to supporting programs and partnerships that share our goals to provide universal access to arts and culture experiences and to safe public spaces within a half mile of every Detroit residence.

To ensure the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund has an immediate impact, the Gilbert Family Foundation has partnered with Strategic Community Partners, who supports the facilitation, recruitment, and management of the program. Strategic Community Partners is a national firm that works with organizations by advising, designing, and managing projects and initiatives that advance equity with and for communities.

“Neighborhoods aren’t just where we are from and live; they are where we grow and thrive, ‘’ said Dr. Chanel Hampton, Founder and CEO, Strategic Community Partners. “Detroiters—we are proud of where we come from—and we all take pride in the places we’re proud of. The Thriving Neighborhoods Fund gives our neighborhoods’ true champions who have been doing powerful grassroots work on the ground in our communities, the additional support to continue their work on behalf of the residents that they serve.”

The Gilbert Family Foundation and Strategic Community Partners have an important partner in today’s announcement, Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield, who created the City of Detroit’s Neighborhood Improvement Fund to promote equitable investment across the City of Detroit. Today’s investment is aligned with the vision and goals of the Neighborhood Improvement Fund.

“When I created the Neighborhood Improvement Fund, I had one goal in mind: that as we see new development in our Downtown and Midtown areas, we ensure there will be investment and benefits for the residents of our neighborhoods,” said City Council President, Mary Sheffield. “Today’s announcement is a continuation of that effort. I am proud to have played a role in helping direct resources to 20 of our best neighborhood organizations who will be receiving funding to expand their reach and have a greater impact on their communities.” 

The selected organizations have proven their dedication to improving the quality of life for Detroit residents by investing in public space activation and other programming that creates more vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods.

“I am so excited that my organization has been selected to be part of this growth opportunity, that I can barely sit still,” said Carla McClure, Garden Director, Berg-Lahser Community Garden. “The Berg-Lahser Community Garden and Association proudly accepts this gracious opportunity to do its part in the bettering of our immediate community and the greater landscape that is the city of Detroit.”

The 2022 Thriving Neighborhood Cohort Includes:

  1. 360 Detroit, Inc
  2. Bailey Park Project DBA Bailey Park Neighborhood Development Corporation (BPNDC)
  3. Berg-Lahser Community Association/BLYC Youth Community Garden
  4. Chandler Park Conservancy
  5. Clark Park Coalition
  6. Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance
  7. Detroit Heals Detroit
  8. Detroit Hives
  9. Hope Village Revitalization
  10. La Casita Cimarrón y Yuketi de Detroit
  11. Lawn Park Academy
  12. Live6 Alliance
  13. Marygrove Community Association
  14. One New Humanity
  15. Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc.
  16. Renaissance of Hope
  17. Russell Woods Sullivan Area Association
  18. Sinai-Grace Guild Community Development Corporation
  19. Urban Neighborhood Initiatives (UNI)
  20. Urban Development Corporation

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About the Gilbert Family Foundation

The Gilbert Family Foundation is a private nonprofit foundation founded by Jennifer and Dan Gilbert to accelerate a cure for neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and build economic opportunity and equity in the city of Detroit. The Gilbert Family Foundation supports groundbreaking, cutting-edge research in hopes of eradicating NF1, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves anywhere in the body. Additionally, the Foundation supports the economic stability and mobility of residents in Detroit by investing in wealth-building opportunities and

Breaking down systemic barriers. For more information on the Gilbert Family Foundation, please visit

About Strategic Community Partners

Strategic Community Partners (SCP) is a national firm, headquartered in Detroit, that works with organizations by advising, designing, and managing projects and initiatives that advance equity with and for communities. SCP partners with organizations to build capacity by pairing strategy with community and cultural context to drive forward powerful and equitable missions. Since 2015, SCP has been unapologetic in its pursuit to ensure marginalized communities have influence, power, resources, and opportunities.

SCP works with and for communities across the country, with offices in Detroit, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and New Jersey. For more information, visit