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Watch: Vision Restoration Initiative Annual Meeting Brings “Dream Team” Together to Advance Therapeutic Research

Our Vision Restoration Initiative (VRI) awardees and their teams convened for our VRI Annual Meeting to discuss the results of their research projects focused on vision restoration therapies. Watch the video to learn more about the event and their findings.
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Leading NF and Vision Experts to Convene for Vision Restoration Initiative Annual Meeting

The Gilbert Family Foundation is excited to welcome 28 researchers to our 2022 Vision Restoration Initiative (VRI) annual meeting. We will be discussing the latest breakthroughs in neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) optic pathway glioma and vision restoration research.
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Q&A with Jasmin DeForrest

In this new blog series, we sit down with the leaders, team members and community partners who support the work we do in building a more equitable Detroit. In our debut feature, we interviewed Jasmin DeForrest, Director of Arts & Culture at the Gilbert Family Foundation.
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Gilbert Family Foundation Announces $13 Million Detroit Eviction Defense Fund, Supporting Low-Income Detroit Families Facing Eviction

We are excited to announce the creation of the Detroit Eviction Defense Fund, which will invest $12 million over three years into three Detroit-based organizations that will provide low-income Detroit families facing eviction proceedings with legal representation. This investment is expected to benefit nearly 6,000 families per year.
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Q&A With Darnell Adams

In this edition of Q&A, we sat down to talk with Darnell Adams, Director of Community Initiatives at the Gilbert Family Foundation. Darnell talks about his passion for the work, and gives his insight into how we can solve for some of the biggest challenges facing housing stability in Detroit.
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