In this guest blog post, Betsy Cooper (aka “Big Bets”), our Graphic Designer, gives her take on the best holiday gifts you can find at the Winter Markets (also known as the Downtown Detroit Markets). Betsy is an illustrator, dog-lover and crafty Detroiter whose unique creative approach is a huge asset to the team. Read on to learn more about her suggestions for special gifts you can find for everyone on your list (including yourself) all while supporting the small business owners participating in this year’s Winter Markets.  

Holiday shopping got you down? Does browsing the endless possibilities overwhelm you?  Are you weary from scrolling on the internet and worried that your gift will feel cold and impersonal? Gift giving should be joyful! Find your holiday spirit and support local small businesses at this year’s Winter Markets – with 17 small businesses carrying a variety of unique gifts, you’ll find something for everyone on your shopping list. I’ve been to the Winter Markets several times since they opened in November, and here are a few of MY favorite gifts you can pick up there…. just in time for the holidays. 

big bets gift guide

Whole Coffee beans from Konjo Me  

The whole bean coffee from Ethiopian food pop-up Konjo Me smells like heaven itself. Perfect for anyone in your life who drinks coffee — your boss, your bestie, or your neighbor. These beans are appropriate for all brewing methods (Drip, French Press, AeroPress, Pour Over, and Espresso). Konjo Me also sells authentic Ethiopian spices and cooking experiences, for folks who want to expand their skills or plan a cute date night!

Velvet Hairbows from Rosemarine Textiles  

Any fashionistas on your list? Rosemarine Textiles ethically made hairbows or scrunchies, with all products made here in Detroit. Trendy and timeless, they make the perfect gift for anyone in your life with a flair for fashion and some hair to play with. But for those with short hair like myself, Rosemarine also has plant-dyed bandanas and scarves you can wear in a variety of fun ways. Full disclosure, I would “dye” from happiness if someone gifted me literally anything from this shop! 

Knit Mittens from Two Stix 5 Stones  

Winter accessories are always necessary in Michigan, and I for one keep losing mine. Keep your loved ones fingers safe from frostbite with a pair of warm and cute mittens from Two Stix 5 Stones! They come in a variety of colors and textures. Fun fact, mittens are better than gloves because they allow your fingers to help keep each other warm. Don’t agree? Fight me in the comments! Check out Two Stix 5 Stones’s other handknit items when you stop by! As a dog mom, I’m also a big fan of their dog fashions. 

Learn to Crochet Kit from Opal Grove Games 

Fiber arts for the win! The Woobles kits from Opal Grove Games include everything you need to make crochet toys, based on the Japanese craft known as Amigurumi. There are tons of fun games and puzzles for every age on the shelves at Opal Grove Games so if crochet isn’t your thing, you’re bound to find something that is. Bonus: visit their location in Corktown where they host regular game nights and boast a game library to explore. Check out all their upcoming events here 

Cookbooks from Folk

Cookbooks are great gifts because everyone gets to enjoy the outcome! Folk has a unique variety of cookbooks on offer. I bought “All About EGGS” for my partner because we own chickens and are always looking for new ways to use their eggs! If cooking isn’t your forte (or you just want to get out of the kitchen) Folk also has specialty coffee, biodynamic wines and catering services. 

This list is just the tip of the snow globe, there are so many great gifts to be found in the market. Why not head to Cadillac Square Park to explore for yourself? It’s the perfect time of year to support artists, makers, and shopkeepers who make Detroit special. Don’t forget to get your free mug (designed by me!) when you spend $30 or more, and FREE gift wrapping by Post on all gifts! You can finish up the day with some hot chocolate and other treats in the cozy Cadillac Lodge. You earned it. Happy Shopping!